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Bernadette Donnelly Presents: Protect your Project during the Pandemic and Beyond

October 14, 2020 Virtual Meeting

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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The world has changed. What we knew as “normal” is gone. But you still need to deliver your projects and satisfy your clients. If you don’t, you will not be ready when Covid-19 requirements lift. When your clients and the economy recover, you will be outbid and overrun by your competition.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a GPS to navigate the most direct route to your ultimate destination, to successful project delivery? The good news is that do.

In this talk, you will discover how to keep your teams productive through the crisis and beyond by leveraging the science of Human Dynamics. This talk will demonstrate how your thinking patterns, self-talk, and feelings set the stage for your success or failure. You will learn how the old brain responds to threat and how to instantly recover from the Amygdala Hijack. You will also discover how to be more socially aware by identifying the communication patterns of others.

Self-awareness and social awareness are the critical ingredients for managing teams, managing project sponsors, and keeping your critical stakeholders engaged. With tools to shift your mindset and recognize communication patterns, you will relate better to everyone on your project.

These methods of interrelating are not usually discussed in business but are critical to keeping your project teams motivated and engaged so you can successfully deliver your projects on time and on budget now and into the future.

About Bernadette Donnelly

Bernadette is a Project Success Master Coach, who works exclusively with project professionals, including PMO Directors, Managers, and Project Managers. She uses proven methodologies to keep projects on track by leveraging PMI Processes, NLP, and the neuroscience of Human Dynamics to promote communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving in organizations, teams, and for individuals.

Bernadette has over 25 years in Project and Program Management and over 30 years in change management. She is a PMP and holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. She is certified in organizational change management and executive coaching. She also holds the title of Master Programmer of Neurolinguistic Programming.

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Membership Corner

We appreciate our members, and we are thankful for the ongoing participation by those members having milestone anniversaries.

Welcome to New Members!

  • Angelia Etz
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Community Service

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Desk of the President

Thank you for a great 2020 Mid-South PDD!

This year when the Board started planning the 2020 PDD, businesses were shutting down in an effort to flatten the COVID curve. After a month, we still couldn't be sure that people would be willing to meet in person for a PDD. We soon found out that other PMI chapters were in the same boat.

Like good project managers, we set about exploring ways to mitigate risk. As a result, we created a collaboration with chapters from Nashville, Chattanooga, Central Mississippi, North Alabama, and Central Alabama to create a shared Virtual PDD event. The result was better than we imagined it could be.

For those of you who registered to attend, Thank You for taking a chance on something that was totally different for all of the Chapters. For those of you who missed the conference and are still interested in taking advantage of the recorded content, reach out to [email protected] to ask about registering for the video content. See the event marketing site at to learn more about the speakers and their topics.

Attendees received access to the Attendify virtual conference center for PC and its mobile phone app. They enjoyed speakers from all backgrounds as they covered topics related to our theme: Business Agility, Resiliency, and Bouncing Back. Most importantly, they received the chance to earn 23.5 PDUs for the very reasonable price of $120.

Thank You to our Board Members and the Board Members of our partnership PMI Chapters. Thank You to Chandy Littlejohn, our immediate past president, who took point on our behalf in wranging the chapters together. Thank You to Alicia Miller, who was instrumental in kicking off each morning of the event with one of the speakers to get us all focused for the day's content. Finally, Thank You to all the great speakers who made the event so valuable.


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