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Professional Development Day (TBA)

This fall, Memphis residents might still be dealing with restrictions regarding how many people can be in a space. Some of our members might not feel comfortable attending an event with 200+ people. That being the case, PMI Memphis, like many other chapters, has been exploring having a virtual PDD. Very well… let us make it vastly different indeed. Here are some of the details on which we are working:

  • Virtual event held between August and October 2020
  • Theme – Business Agility & Resilience
  • Multiple Chapters involved – really great opportunity to network
  • Chance to earn 14-15 PDUs
  • Memphis chapter members get a chance to be a breakout session speaker (watch your email)
  • Chance to attend all sessions with your paid registration (even if by recorded video later on)
  • Memphis area PDD to be held in the Spring 2021 – in-person event


See our opportunities above about giving back to the profession in order to help us execute on these plans. It is going to be exciting!

Upcoming PMI Monthly Meetings 
Virtual Venue (Zoom), 6pm to 7:45pm

Note: Due To COVID-19, the June meeting will be virtual.  Zoom details to follow. Members Are Free to Attend;  Guests Tickets are $5.00.

June 10th

Speaker: Jasmin Nuhic, people leader, passionate author, speaker, facilitator, and coach
Topic: "Leaders Develop First"
Read More....


July 8th

Speaker: Carol Davis
Topic: "Project Manager confidence and risk awareness"


Professional Development Training Seminars:
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30 - 9:30pm

Note: Due To COVID-19, the training sessions will be virtual.  Zoom details to follow.

June 9 - June 30

PMP/CAPM training

Lunch and Learn Series

Note: Due To COVID-19, Lunch & Learn will be virtual.  Zoom Details To Follow. Members are free to attend;  Guests tickets are $5.00.

June 25th
12 - 12:55pm

Topic: "Preparing the Application for the PMP exam"


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Desk of the President

From the President:

If you are like me, your head might be reeling from all the change and challenges this year. That being the case, I turn my attention to what PMI Memphis stands for, and how we can provide value to our members and community during this time:

  • Goals and Principles of PMI – We are in process of developing a Disciplined Agile program so members have additional options for training and development. We are in process of adapting to new PMI requirements for PMP training programs. See the Professional Development area below.
  • Support PMP certification efforts – When the COVID shutdown started, we were two weeks out from training a round of certification prep. We quickly switched to an online delivery method and had a fantastic series. The next PMP prep round starts June 9, and a PMP Applications tips Lunch & Learn is set for later this month
  • Provide training in specific PM skills – We will soon be announcing very cost-effective workshops for project management topics, and we will endeavor to do so at least 2-3 times per year.
  • Provide network opportunities – We held our first virtual Happy Hour last month, and we plan to offer more casual networking avenues so our members can enjoy and support one another.
  • Share project management experiences – Each year PMI Memphis provides mentors to a partner program we share with University of Memphis. We have plans to expand opportunities across more area schools, including high schools. Be watching for this.

If you have a passion for helping others, join us. Let us make our corner of the world better.

Cath Knabb ([email protected])

Giving Back to the Profession:

PMI Memphis has around 600 members, depending on the day, across more than 150 companies. We have another 1500+ people who receive our regular communications. That creates a potential network of 2000+ people who are equipped and skilled to make a positive impact to the profession and to our community. If you are interested in giving back, here are some ways to do so:

Write a Presentation or a White Paper about project matters in which Business Agility or Resilience (theme) is a factor and be ready to submit the materials in the next 2-3 weeks. If your presentation is great, fits the theme, and can hold audience interest for 45-50 minutes, you will soon have an opportunity to be a Breakout Speaker at the fall PDD. Stay tuned for PMI Memphis emails about that.

Be a Mentor to Students at either the college level or to local high school and lower. Whether you participate in the Fall program with UM or another college or become aligned to a Shelby County school, you have skills and knowledge that would benefit others. Email [email protected] and tell us about how you would like to mentor for any level of college or county school student(s).

Be a Mentor or Coach to Young Professionals by sharing your knowledge or helping someone identify and achieve goals. It is so rewarding to help someone. Email [email protected] if you would like to be a Mentor/Coach and tell us the knowledge areas or skills you believe you could share.

Help with our Events by applying for one of our positions on (using your login) or email us at [email protected]. The opportunities will be different this year since our fall PDD will be Virtual and will involve other PMI Chapters. Think multi-track, virtual vendor exhibits and networking hall, and opportunities to stretch your skills.

Train to be a Trainer by preparing to teach as either a PMP Prep instructor or a Disciplined Agile expert. See the Professional Development area below for more about these opportunities.

Teach a Workshop or Host a structured Professional Discussion by sharing your knowledge in any subject in which you have advance knowledge or skills. Contact [email protected] to pitch your ideas.


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Speaker Information

Wednesday, June 10th
Virtual meeting (zoom)
6pm - 7:45pm

Speaker: Jasmin Nuhic, author, speaker, coach, facilitator on professional development
Topic: " Leaders Develop First"


"Leaders Develop First" is about what it takes for a leader (people leader, manager, director, etc) to develop him/herself AND what is needed in order to coach his/her employees (or peers and mentees) to create their own EXECUTABLE professional development plan...It is about others.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States of America, said, “The best way to predict [your] future is to create it.”

With 86% of professionals not knowing how to create and execute their professional individual development plans, combined with the fact that the second most frequent reason for professionals leaving the organization is more than enough to tell you that your professional future is very much unpredictable. On top of that, 78% of professionals are not clear whose responsibility is to develop them, which ultimately creates implicit conflict and frustration between the managers and employees.
To address these issues, to be able to predict your professional future, you have to create and execute your executable individual development plan. In another word, you have to take responsibility for your development,
learn how to go about doing it, and surround yourself with the appropriate support network. You also have to know what are the major obstacles to your progress and what to do about each of them.
The nine steps process of creating your executable individual development plan provides you with a roadmap that starts and ends with the individual development plan. It is a process that guides you step by step towards your plan – towards reaching your full potential and achieving career objectives.


Jasmin NUHIC is author of “Leaders Develop First“ and “It Starts and Ends with EIDP” as well as their corresponding Workbooks - all focused on helping professionals and people leaders alike create their EXECUTABLE individual development plans as well as coach others to do so.

He is a passionate speaker, coach, and facilitator on professional development. Jasmin obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Science and holds two Masters degrees in Business and Executive Leadership. He is certified in Coaching, Ethical Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Intelligence. He has global experience in leading and developing individuals and teams. Jasmin is interested in helping others reach their full potential and achieve their career objectives.

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Professional Development

Call for Participation in a Research Project

From time to time, the PMI Memphis community members are given the opportunity to contribute to the industry by providing data that can be utilized by a doctoral candidate's research project.  The PMI-Memphis organization now has that opportunity!  Cherlyn Conner is our doctoral candidate pursuing her DBA with a focus on improving project management control activities to strengthen project planning and execution strategies. When complete, she will be presenting her finding at an upcoming chapter meeting.  The PMI-Memphis chapter is her audience so please help by participating in the surveys that drive this valuable research effort!  Please read the following message from Cherlyn explaining how you can contribute:

Hello fellow PMI Members! My name is Cherlyn Conner and I am a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies.  I am conducting a survey for my dissertation research that focuses on the topic of improving project management control activities to strengthen project planning and execution strategies.  The purpose of this study is to build consensus among a panel of project manager experts regarding the desirability and feasibility of PM control activities.  I am hoping that you will share your expertise and opinions with me by participating in this survey.  As a project management practitioner, your input is highly valued and appreciated. Your anonymity is guaranteed for the study.

This research effort involves three (3) rounds of surveys which will take less than 5 minutes to complete each total of approximately 15 minutes to complete all three.  I consider your insights/perspectives to be essential to identifying future potential control best practices that may be both desirable and feasible.

It is important that each survey be taken in sequence (i.e. Round 1 then Round 2 and then Round 3).  If you have completed Round 1, then click on the link below for Round 2.  If you are just getting started, please click on the Round 1 link.  A link to each subsequent survey is embedded in the body of its previous survey so that you can easily complete all three in sequence.

Please proceed by clicking on the link(s) below to get started. 

Round 1: 
Round 2, Desirability: 
Round 3, Feasibility: 

Of course, your participation is completely voluntary, and your responses will be kept anonymous.  If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

Thanks a million in advance!

Please proceed by clicking on the link below to get started. . 


June 2020 PMP Prep Class – scheduled June 9 – Jul 2, 2020

Are you aware that the PMBOK exam is changing effective January 1, 2021?

In January, the exam format will change in a major way.  It will no longer be based on the 5 process groups, but on 3 domains.  Half of the exam will test regular PMP principles and half will test Agile principles. If you have started studying PMBOK version 6, you’ll want to take and pass the exam before end of 2020 to avoid having to study for the new version.

Here’s how your PMI-Memphis chapter can help!

The coronavirus forced us to take our classes online.  Going virtual means that we now aren’t limited to class size for the PMP.   From June 9 to July 2 on Tuesday and Thursday night, we will hold our classes virtually.  If you are interested in finishing your PMP certification goals before the exam changes Jan 1, we encourage you to virtually come to class from wherever you can get a good WIFI signal. This June 9 - July 2 class may be the last series PMI Memphis is able to conduct that still gives you time to finish your study and test before the exam change.

We don’t have another PMP prep series scheduled for 2020.  Between our class and leveraging the 90-day key, there won’t be much time left in the year to prepare for and to take the exam.  For prior students, there is no cost to “audit” the class again using your old materials and 90-day PMBOK6 license key, if not previously activated.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending.  We will add you to the list and send you the Zoom meeting invitation. 

If you have questions, please contact:   [email protected] or  [email protected]

Need Volunteers to Teach Under New Authorized Training Program (ATP)

PMI is changing the required structure for how organizations prepare students for the PMP exam and certification process.  Effective July 1, 2020, our current program, Registered Education Providers (REPs), will retire with no automatic transfer of certifications to teach under the new program, Authorized Training Providers (ATPs).  In order to continue as an organization approved to offer training in project management professional (PMP) certification, we must be ATP certified to be considered affiliated with PMI.  To this end the requirements and application process is changing and we will need volunteers to teach under the new ATP program.

The qualifications are as follows:

(1)   Instructors must be PMI-certified and will be required to complete a train the trainer program to validate certification.

(2)   Instructors must have three (3) years Agile experience.

(3)   Instructors must submit to background/credit check.

(4)   Instructors can be members of chapter but not be in VRMS or hold board position.

ATP Benefits

(1)   PMI is providing licensed PMP exam prep course material.

(2)   Instructors will become PMI-certified through its train the trainer program.

(3)   Access to a platform to facilitate a digital, instructor-led experience not restricted to geographic locations.

(4)   Access to new support offerings.

If you are interested in being an instructor under the new ATP program, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected] or [email protected].

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Membership Corner

Active Members: 590

Welcome New Members!

Andrew Bailey FedEx
Renee Clark FedEx
Joshua Haden Wright Medical Group
Justin Hadley FedEx Express - BSQA
Janyce Pace Deloitte Consulting
Dean Pere St Jude Children's Research Hospital
Felecia Rabb Shelby County Schools
Lanell Smith, Jr. EdReports
Amanda Albert-Ivester FedEx

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Job Postings

More avenues to look for jobs related to Project Management

1. Check out the latest Jobs in Memphis Area

2. PMI - Carreer HQ:  PMI Career Headquarters is the premier electronic recruitment resource for your industry. Here, employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool of Project Management Professionals to meet their staffing needs.

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