PMI Memphis Provides Comfort and Hope with FedExFamilyHouse

    Each quarter, the PMI Memphis Chapter volunteers at the FedExFamilyHouse providing comfort and hope to patients and their families by hosting meals and fun activities. FedExFamilyHouse is a home away from home for out-of-town families with children receiving treatment at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. 

    The FedExFamilyHouse celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting more than 160,000 family members since opening while their child is treated at Le Bonheur. 

    FedExFamilyHouse offers:

    • Private suites with bedroom, sunroom and large bathroom
    • Children and teen play areas
    • Outdoor spaces to dine and relax
    • Four full-sized kitchens and pantry space for each family
    • Free laundry facilities


    In December 2019, Santa and Mrs. Clause delighted all with a surprise visit, breakfast was served, carols sung to lift spirits and stockings filled with goodies given to the children. 

         Left to Right: Luke Schwegman, Stefanie Schwegman, Jackie Watkins, Ken Watkins, Michael Schwegman, Chris Watkins)

    In June, during the recent crisis of COVID-19 when donations slowed and physical volunteering wasn’t possible, PMI Memphis continued to provide comfort to families through a delicious, catered meal from Rizzo’s.

    If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact [email protected]

    Project Manager Confidence & Risk Awareness – A Doctoral Study

    Today’s business environments require companies to introduce new and innovative products, and companies are increasingly turning to the project management discipline for successful product launches. Yet, according to PMI, only 60% of projects succeed in reaching stated project goals. The project manager has the vital role of identifying and managing project risk in order to improve the likelihood of project success. Building on a 2015 study that found project manager overconfidence affects expectations of project success and the ability to accurately assess project risk, this doctoral study contributes to the professional discussion by examining the relationship between levels of confidence and levels of risk assessment during project planning. The population of study was experienced project managers in the US, of which 64% held PMP certifications. The presenter also will share her lessons learned in conducting a doctoral study, writing a dissertation and overcoming challenges encountered while working fulltime.

    About the Speaker:

    Carol S. Davis has been a strong customer advocate and project management proponent during her 30-year career spanning marketing research, product marketing, project management and leadership positions. Most recently, she has worked in a co-located cross-functional agile development team to bring new sensor-based technology to the transportation market. Carol holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing, a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics, an MBA, and most recently a DBA with Project Management concentration.

    Passing of Margaret Rose Schultz, VP of Publications

    We are very sad to share that Margaret Rose Schultz, our VP of Publications of the last 2 years, passed away unexpectedly Monday, June 16. PMI Memphis came to know Margaret through her work as a professor at University of Memphis. She was frequently involved in the student mentoring partnership work shared between PMI Memphis and University of Memphis in their Strategic Information Project Management course (MIS3885).

    In recent years, Margaret was instrumental in helping Project Management students get a quick start into their selected profession by encouraging them to strive for professional certifications early, to attend professional organization meetings like the PMI Memphis Chapter meetings, and to make relationships with experienced PMI members already placed in companies. She was a strong advocate for her students and saw the value of building stronger relations between PMI and university students.

    In the last two years, Margaret served PMI Memphis in the elected capacity of VP of Professional Development. In this capacity, she was responsible for the regular distribution of our Newsletters. She took pride in making changes to the appearance of the newsletter and improvements to the quality of the content. We appreciate everything she did for PMI Memphis.

    In honor of Margaret, the PMI Memphis board has decided to establish an annual scholarship in her name in connection with the partnership the Chapter has with University of Memphis and its MIS3885 class. We will publish details about this scholarship later this summer.

    Margaret fully exemplified the PMI Memphis Mission Statement: In the PMI Memphis Chapter, there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t yet met. It’s easy to get involved, and once you do, it’s easy to make your mark. We will miss Margaret, and we are so thankful for the mark she made on our organization.

    Funeral details will be shared on the Canale Funeral Directors website. Memorial notes for the family can be left there.