Pass Your PMP before March 26

Posted by admin_ck on 12/04/2017 6:36 pm  

The PMP Exam is Changing - March 26, 2018


Have you started to study for the PMP exam under PMBOK5 and you just haven't passed the exam yet?  We want to help you achieve that goal and earn your PMP credentials before the exam changes to PMBOK6 format on March 26, 2018.


For people needing in-class instruction with a chance to ask questions of instructors or class administrators and to build study groups with fellow students, register for our January class. Here is more information about that.


For people who have taken our class before, but just haven't managed to take the test yet, you have until March 26 to take and pass the exam. If you need to renew your Velociteach keys for online materials (either Pass the PMP with videos and 500-question test bank) or 200-question test simulations, follow this link to get discounted keys.