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Months ago, PMI Memphis member Carol Davis invited other PMI Memphis members to contribute to her Doctoral work by way of survey. In August 2020, she presented her findings to the Chapter in the monthly meeting.

About the Study:

Today’s business environments require companies to introduce new and innovative products, and companies are increasingly turning to the project management discipline for successful product launches. Yet, according to PMI, only 60% of projects succeed in reaching stated project goals. The project manager has the vital role of identifying and managing project risk in order to improve the likelihood of project success. Building on a 2015 study that found project manager overconfidence affects expectations of project success and the ability to accurately assess project risk, this doctoral study contributes to the professional discussion by examining the relationship between levels of confidence and levels of risk assessment during project planning. The population of study was experienced project managers in the US, of which 64% held PMP certifications. Carol also shared her lessons learned in conducting a doctoral study, writing a dissertation and overcoming challenges encountered while working fulltime.

About the Speaker:

Carol S. Davis has been a strong customer advocate and project management proponent during her 30-year career spanning marketing research, product marketing, project management and leadership positions. Most recently, she has worked in a co-located cross-functional agile development team to bring new sensor-based technology to the transportation market. Carol holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing, a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics, an MBA, and most recently a DBA with Project Management concentration.

PMI Memphis Co-Hosts PMI Mid-South PDD

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PMI Memphis collaborated with 5 other PMI chapters to co-host the 2020 Mid-South Professional Development Days conference as a virtual event held September 15-17, 2020. The 3-day event featured speakers from all walks of life and covered topics relevant to the theme: Business Agility, Resiliency, and Bouncing Back. The other hosts included Nashville, Chattanooga, Central Mississippi, North Alabama, and Central Alabama PMI chapters.

When starting initial planning, the host chapters targeted offering 15 PDUs. In the end, we were ecstatic to offer 23.5 PDUs to nearly 500 attendees who paid to attend the event. Since 6 chapters were hosting and in-person activites weren't involved, the Board Members of the 6 chapters were able to serve as session facilitators for the speakers.

The group of PMI Chapters engaged Attendify as a virtual conference platform. It provided both mobile and PC environments for members to create and view attendee profiles and to participate in sessions via Chat and and vocal questions. Feedback received was largely very positive.

See the Sessions You Missed

Attendees can continue to visit the Attendify site URL they were provided to watch the recorded sessions they may have missed during the PDD days. For any session they attended live, the PMI chapters reported the PDUs. Attendees will need to self-report PDUs for any session watched by way of recorded video after the live event ended.

Did You Miss the Event?

Our speakers were fantastic. You can read more about their topics and backgrounds in the PMI Mid-South PDD event marketing site. This site will stay up until next fall, when we hope to collaborate on a shared PDD again. Several of our speakers encouraged us to make our PDD content available to other chapters which could not put on a PDD this year due to COVID constraints. We are exploring doing that as a revenue share between the 6 host chapters and any interested partner chapter. If you weren't able to attend and are intered in registered to see the recorded content, contact [email protected]

Speakers include (click on names to see their LinkedIn profiles):


Thank you to our collaborating PMI Chapter partners:


Certification Prep Discounts Available thru EOY 2020

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Certification Prep Discounts Available

If you are trying to complete your goal of earning a PMI certification before year end, take advantage of these discounts offered by our Vendor/Partner, Velociteach. Our own PMP Prep students can renew their license keys or take advantage of other educational discounts. Discounts are available now through end of year since PMI will be changing some of its Books of Knowledge in the new year. Therefore, educational materials for related certification prep materials will be outdated in the new year. Please be sure you can schedule your exam before close of the year before buying prep materials.