Participate in Project Management Research


    When one of our PMI Memphis community members are conducting doctoral research in the area of project management, it is our privilege to extend a chance to participate to other PMI Memphis members. Through August 10, PMI Memphis has that opportunity again! This time, the doctoral candidate is one of the PMI Memphis board members, Cherlyn Conner. She is pursuing her DBA with a focus on improving project management control activities to strengthen project planning and execution strategies. When complete, she will be presenting her finding at an upcoming chapter meeting. The PMI-Memphis chapter is her audience so please help by participating in the surveys that drive this valuable research effort!  Please read the following message from Cherlyn explaining how you can contribute:

    About the Research

    Hello fellow PMI Members! My name is Cherlyn Conner and I am a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies. I am conducting a survey for my dissertation research that focuses on the topic of improving project management control activities to strengthen project planning and execution strategies. The purpose of this study is to build consensus among a panel of project manager experts regarding the desirability and feasibility of PM control activities. I am hoping that you will share your expertise and opinions with me by participating in this survey. As a project management practitioner, your input is highly valued and appreciated. Your anonymity is guaranteed for the study.

    How to Participate

    This research effort involves three (3) rounds of surveys which will take less than 5 minutes to complete each total of approximately 15 minutes to complete all three. Consider your insights/perspectives to be essential to identifying future potential control best practices that may be both desirable and feasible.

    It is important that each survey be taken in sequence (i.e. Round 1 then Round 2 and then Round 3).  If you have completed Round 1 (link to sent PMI Memphis members by email June 1), then click on the link below for Round 2. If you are just getting started, please click on the Round 1 link.  A link to each subsequent survey is embedded in the body of its previous survey so that you can easily complete all three in sequence.

    Please proceed by clicking on the link(s) below to get started. 

    Round 1:  (sent to all PMI Memphis members June 1 by email)
    Round 2, Desirability: 
    Round 3, Feasibility: 

    Of course, your participation is completely voluntary, and your responses will be kept anonymous.  If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

    Time for a First-Class Upgrade: Modern Techniques for Project Managers in Agile Environments


    So you work in Agile, has anything really changed?  For some of us, the answer is yes, and for some of us it is no, and others are still trying to figure it out.  Regardless of Agile impacts, the truth is that things have been changing for a while and they will continue to change given the uncertain world we live in.  As environments and processes evolve, so too, must our skills.

    In this interactive session, you will learn new, modern, innovative, street smart techniques that will help with communication, perspective, and collaboration in any environment (Agile, Waterfall, or hybrid). At the end of the day, many organizations are still espousing faster, more, and with fewer people so we better upgrade our skills, or you will be stuck in coach.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer getting the upgrade to First Class!

    July 8 attendees will learn:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    • Why new approaches and techniques are crucial to high-performing teams.
    • Why the techniques we use need to have an element of fun or surprises, so it feels less like work.
    • Learn new techniques that they can apply immediately back on the job.


    Bob Prentiss is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, coach, and Business Analysis thought leader.  Bob is passionate about helping you think, learn & work differently so you can become the best version of yourself.  Bob is the CEO and founder of The Uncommon League providing Agile, Project Management, Business Analysis, and Leadership training, consulting, and mentoring services.  The Uncommon League helps organizations transform their practices utilizing modern techniques, an agile mindset, and street-smart approaches to get the work done faster.