Certifications - Investing in Your Employees for Greater Engagement

Posted by admin_ck on 06/28/2019 12:58 pm  

PMI Memphis has been providing high-quality, cost-effective PMP/CAPM certification training to local project managers and project leaders for years. How does this help your company?

  • Companies that invest in their employees have happier employees who feel more engaged.
  • Employees who are encouraged to gain certifications have greater job satisfaction and stay longer.
  • When companies support the development of employees, the employees have greater peace of mind.
  • Employees show greater productivity because they are equipped with more knowledge and tools.
  • Companies that invest in employees are able to attract better applicants.
  • Employees who receive ongoing development are better advocates for their companies.
  • Happy, confident employees give your clients greater confidence in your business.


PMI Memphis is happy to help you develop your employees. Depending on chapter membership and timing, registration for our PMP/CAPM classes costs $745-$895. Students are equipped with fantastic training and educational tools designed to help them pass either the CAPM or PMP, whichever their work experience merits.

Registration is still open for the July 16 and October 2019 classes. Each series lasts 4 weeks with classes held Tue/Thur evenings at 5:30. PMI Memphis will do everything possible to help your certification candidate prepare for passing!

If training budget is exhausted for the current year, plan to budget for same classes to be provided at least 3 times next year. Price changes have been slight over time. If you want to arrange for multiple students or have custom needs, reach out to [email protected] to make arrangements.

Keep an eye on our Education page. We sometimes partner with other organizations to bring other training opportunities to the Memphis area.