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PMI Memphis is happy be joined my Jasmin NUHIC in the June 2020 Chapter meeting as he presents: 

"Leaders Develop First".  This is about what does it take for a leader (people leader, manager, director, etc) to develop him/herself AND what is needed in order to coach his/her employees (or peers and mentees) to create their own EXECUTABLE professional development plan...It is about others.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States of America, said, “The best way to predict [your] future is to create it.”

With 86% of professionals not knowing how to create and execute their professional individual development plans, combined with the fact that the second most frequent reason for professionals leaving the organization is more than enough to tell you that your professional future is very much unpredictable. On top of that, 78% of professionals are not clear whose responsibility is to develop them, which ultimately creates implicit conflict and frustration between the managers and employees.

To address these issues, to be able to predict your professional future, you have to create and execute your executable individual development plan. In another word, you have to take responsibility for your development, learn how to go about doing it, and surround yourself with the appropriate support network. You also have to know what are the major obstacles to your progress and what to do about each of them.

The nine steps process of creating your executable individual development plan provides you with a roadmap that starts and ends with the individual development plan. It is a process that guides you step by step towards your plan – towards reaching your full potential and achieving career objectives.

Jasmin NUHIC is author of “Leaders Develop First“ and “It Starts and Ends with EIDP” as well as their corresponding Workbooks - all focused on helping professionals and people leaders alike create their EXECUTABLE individual development plans as well as coach others to do so.

He is a passionate speaker, coach, and facilitator on professional development.
Jasmin obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Science and holds two Masters degrees in Business and Executive Leadership. He is certified in Coaching, Ethical Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Intelligence. He has global experience in leading and developing individuals and teams. Jasmin is interested in helping others reach their full potential and achieve their career objectives.

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May 13, 2020 


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