Driving DevOps Adoption with Telemetry

    DevOps is a cultural change designed to help software teams become more efficient by making them more self-sufficient. To change culture, we must change the behaviors of the teams. this is easier said than done. Luckily, the extensive automation of builds, tests, deployments, and monitoring afforded by DevOps pipelines provides the framework for measuring team behaviors in ways that were not practical even a few years ago.

    Are your teams exhibiting the kind of day-to-day behaviors that will make them more efficient in this new DevOps-enabled world? To find out, join Dan Petit, Director of DevOps for ServiceMaster, for a deep dive into driving DevOps adoption and cultural change through telemetry. He will present ways to measure and drive DevOps adoption at the team level by leveraging key behavior-driving metrics. Register to hear his May 9 presentation here.

    About Speaker:

    Dan Petit has been deep in the development world for most of his working life, serving as a developer, consultant, architect, and technical leader for a wide-variety of companies in the aerospace, telecommunications, insurance, hospitality, logistics, and service industries. Dan is the director of development operations at ServiceMaster, the leading provider of essential residential and commercial services. Dan and his team have been responsible for ServiceMaster’s DevOps practice and transformation, reducing cycle time of application changes from weeks to hours across dozens of agile development teams. He authored the book Real Visual Basic and numerous technical articles. Reach Dan at