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Speaker Information

Jasmin Nuhic March 21st Dinner Meeting
Crescent Club, 6pm - 7:45pm

On March 21st, PMI Memphis will host guest speaker Jasmin Nuhic who will speak on the topic of his most recent book: "It Starts and Ends with eIDP - Create your development plan; No one else should!"

Topic Description:
The presentation and talk will be based on research, education, experiences covered in recently published book on professional development. Details his presentation will include reason why people do not have professional developments, the 9 steps of creating and executing your individual development plan, and finally some of the pitfalls in execution of professional development plans. The event is intended to be interactive and will be followed by the book-signing by the author/speaker.

About the speaker / author:
Jasmin NUHIC is a people leader, passionate author, speaker, facilitator, and coach. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Science and holds two Master degrees in Business and Executive Leadership. He is certified in Coaching, Ethical Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Intelligence. He has global experience in leading and developing individuals and teams. Jasmin is interested in helping others reach their full potential and achieve their career objectives. Connect with Jasmin on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

 About eIDP (Executable Individual Development Plan):
“We help individuals, teams and organizations create and execute their Executable Individual Development Plans, through which they can reach their full potential and career objectives. This inspires us and drives us in our path! Think about it, you can spend your dollars on anything from communication skills to management techniques or you can spend them on developing your employees – your greatest assets. Research shows that over 85% of employees (individual contributors and leaders / managers) to not know how do it. Our Executable Individual Development Plan coaching, workshops and keynotes can help you address your need of developing your greatest assets." Visit us on: Contact us:

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Professional Development

What have we been doing?

On 3 February, we finished the last planned PMP Prep series using PMBOK 5 materials and trained by our own PMP-certified volunteers. If you (or folks in your company) are still planning to take the PMP or CAPM under PMBOK 5, reach out to to discuss options on how to prepare for success.

Individual Development Plans and Professional Headshots

Plan to attend the March chapter meeting to learn how to be more purposeful and aggressive about your Individual Development Plan. You are in charge of your career success. We will also have a professional photographer on hand. For a small added fee (at registration), you can have your picture taken. You’ll be given an electronic copy after basic touch-ups are completed. You can then use this picture for your LinkedIn profile or for other personal or professional purposes.

PMI Certification Changes for 2018

Many of PMI’s certifications have been updated effective 2018 to reflect latest trends in the environments in which we do our work. See below for helpful dates and links.

  • PMP exam changes effective 26 March 2018. The new PMBOK6 is already available for free download to paid members. Check out these PMP reference materials provided by PMI, and download your copy of PMBOK6.
  • PMI-ACP exam changes effective 26 March 2018. The test will now have more questions, many of which will be sourced from PMI’s new Agile Guide. See these PMI-ACP reference materials, and download your copy of the Agile Guide (for paid members).
  • CAPM exam changes after 21 May 2018. This exam also is closely related to PMBOK6 but focuses on fewer sections of the text. See these CAPM reference materials for information about the changes.
  • PgMP exam changes after 25 June 2018. This exam, requiring Program Management experience, uses the Standard for Program Management for primary exam content. See these PgMP reference materials if you are interested in this exam.

Other Certifications with no declared exam change dates:

  • PfMP – This exam, requiring Portfolio Management experience, uses multiple sources for exam content. See these PfMP reference materials if you are interested in this exam.
  • PMI-PBA – This robust exam for Professional Business Analysts requires the same level of BA experience as one needs project leadership experience for the PMP. See these PBA reference materials if you are interested in this certification.
  • PMI-RMP – This exam is for people working in Risk Management. See the PMI-RMP reference materials if you are interested in this certification.
  • PMI-SP – Maybe you aren’t a project manager but have a lot of schedule management experience. This certification might be for you. See the PMI-SP reference materials for more information about this certification.

Planned Prep Training for PMI Memphis:

  • PMP Prep – 10 Jul to 2 Aug – Registration begins in April
  • PMP Prep – 11 Sep to 4 Oct – Registration begins in June

We will attempt to hold PMI-ACP classes at the same time. We will provide more about that in future newsletters.

For any questions, contact Catherine at

Professional Development Opportunity
Anthony Reeds PMI banner

Topic: Running to Leadership: Team Building and Leadership Workshop
Speaker: Anthony Reed, CPA, PMP 
Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018
Time: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Location: Room# 110, University of Phoenix, 65 Germantown Ct, Ste. 100; Cordova TN 38018


Did you know that there’s a direct link between managers and marathoners? They’re both Type T’s. This is a thrill seeker. Managers are “mental” Type T’s. And marathoners are “physical” Type T’s.

Successful endurance athletes and business managers exhibit the same characteristics to thrive. They manage change by taking calculated risks and gradually expanding their comfort zones. They must incorporate change, manage risk, and motivate people to go up hill at a time when they want to quit. All of this must be achieved in a stressful, challenging, and changing business environment.

Preparing for and completing a marathon is the perfect backdrop for examining the problems and challenges faced by today’s business leaders. While all certified marathons are the same distance, the dangers, terrain, altitude, and weather offer unique and varying challenges. You quickly learn that hills build character.

  • Running up and down 3,600 steps during the Great Wall Marathon is like managing a 3,600-task project schedule.
  • Fighting through the Antarctica Marathon’s bitter cold relates to setting realistic project goals and self motivation.
  • Encountering predators on Kenya’s Lewa SafriCom Marathon course is like managing project risks and mitigation.

The manager should weigh the advantages of a short term sprint with finishing in the long run. You must become a marathoner, who successfully uses their knowledge to mentally and physically push towards new limits.

The presenter implemented a $12 million IT project for only $2.6 million. He shares his experiences as a corporate IT executive and finisher of over one hundred 26.2-mile marathons to show you methods to lead people using marathon techniques and strategies. He’s is also one of fewer than 300 people in the world to have completed a marathon on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Motivate yourself and your team members without a budget.
  • Manage stress and change.
  • Manage the negative, victim mentality.
  • Embrace fear and risk to move outside your comfort zone.
  • Develop leaders and staff members.


Brief Biography

 Mr. Anthony Reed, CPA, PMP is an IT professional with twenty-five years in management and executive positions for various Fortune 500 companies, governmental entities, and large consulting firms. The responsibilities included managing multi-million dollar departmental budgets and staffing blends of international, multi-generational, multi-cultural employees and consultants. He’s also an international endurance athlete, who has won age group and weight division trophies. He fuses these two unique backgrounds to lead project teams.

He’s been interviewed on radio and webcast programs and featured in the business, travel, and sports sections of major newspapers and publications across the country. This includes the PMI Today, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Runner’s World, Southern Living, Ebony, and the Journal of Accountancy.

 He holds two graduate degrees and two undergraduate degrees. He’s also taught collegiate business management courses. He’s served on the Board of Directors for Running USA, the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), Ft. Worth’s Jubilee Theatre, the Dallas Marathon, and various local and international not-for-profit organizations.

He has spoken at national and international business conferences. This includes over 150 project management, leadership, CIO, supply chain, and technology engagements. He has five books and over 50 articles published. The articles have appeared in ComputerWorld, Datamation, Career Focus, and even Runner’s World magazines. His latest, 208-page book, entitled Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success, focuses on building stronger team members.

As a Certified Running Coach, he completed 130 marathons (26.2 miles/42.2K). He’s one of about 50 people in the world, who completed the marathon hat trick. He finished (1) over 100 marathons on (2) all seven continents and (3) in 50 States. This included the frigid Antarctica, Kenya’s dangerous Lewa SafriCom, and China’s Great Wall Marathons. (By comparison, over 2,500 people have reached Mt. Everest’s summit, including over 500 in one year.) Subsequently, his journeys were chronicled in his book, Running Shoes Are Cheaper Than Insulin: Marathon Adventures On All Seven Continents.

Phone:      214-257-0469 (Office)



 Seminar Fee Structure: The fees for the seminar are

Attendee Type

Early Registration (Prior to Mar. 15)

Open Registration

Late Registration (After April 1)

PMI Memphis Chapter Member




Non-PMI Chapter Member




 Registration Closes: April 8, 2018

 Coupon Code: PMIMEM2018 ($50 off registration fee)

Max. Number of Attendees: 25

 The first ten paid registrants will receive a copy of Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success.


Registration Links:


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