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    This presentation will explore 7 key areas of leadership and communication,

    • Leadership Styles
    • Leadership Obligations
    • Communications Best Practices
    • Motivation Techniques
    • High Performing Teams
    • Conflict Management
    • Effective Meetings


    Speaker's Biography:


    Dr. Carswell has been a project manager for over 20 years in defense
    contracting, NASA contracting, academic, small business, research,
    manufacturing and non-profit environments. He is currently an Adjunct
    Professor of Project Management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
    University, a Principal Research Scientist conducting energy research at
    the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the Executive Director of
    Energy Huntsville. He and his teams have successfully built and flown 4
    space shuttle crystal growth experiments, worked on border security
    projects in the United States and the Middle East, and have completed
    two renewable energy projects. Recently, Dr. Carswell tired of looking for
    a good project management book, so he began writing his own, “The 7-
    Step Project Manager.” Keep your eyes open for its release.

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    Professional Development


     Professional Development Notes

    January 2017



    Were you aware that PMBOK6 will be released this year?  The new DRAFT release should come available early this year with the final release coming available in Q3 or Q4.  The exam will change in 2018.  If you are studying now under PMBOK5, you should plan to take and pass the PMBOK5 exam before the end of 2017.

    First Certification Prep Dates for 2017

    Plan your certification efforts for Q1.  PMI Memphis provides quality, instructor-led prep education that is much more economical than many boot camps in the market.  We use top-notch materials that give students different tools for layering the learning.  If you are a current member of the PMI Memphis chapter, you can save $50 when registering for the classes. 

    If you aren’t a paid member of our local chapter already, the $50 savings effectively reimburses you for chapter membership.  Keep in mind that you must be a paid member of in order to become a chapter member.

    PMP Certification Prep Beginning April 18 

    •          Apr 18 to May 11
    •          Tuesday/Thursday nights from 5:30-9:30
    •          7 Sessions of instruction with the last session in case of weather rescheduling
    •          Full price = $795; Register before Jan 27 = $745; Save $50 more with PMI Memphis membership
    •          More information and Link to Register for the class




    More Certification Prep Dates for 2017

    Do the April /May dates not work for you?  If that is the case, maybe these remaining 2017 dates will work better:

    PMP 2017 dates

    Aug 15 – Sep 7 Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 5:30-9:30

    ACP 2017 dates

    Aug 15 – Sep 5 Tuesday, Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 9:00

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    Membership Corner

    “Making project management indispensable for Memphis”

    Active Members: 494

    Welcome New Members!

    Lisa West

    Melanie Gray

    Marlon McBride

    Collean Payne

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    Vijay Yadav

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    Tim Michalchuk

    Lisa Tester

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    Anna Talley

    Keith Washington

    Laura Sanchez

    Wesley Pickens

    Rhonda Archie

    Stacey Robinson

    Robert Possel

    Melvin Austin




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    Newly Certified

    John Forsythe, Esq. , PMP

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    Community Corner


    Have you ever wanted to create your very own conference filled with fascinating sessions focused on the topics that most interest you? Have you ever hoped to find a safe place to engage in a deep discussion with experts on a topic that you are just starting to learn? Welcome to the first Agile Open event, hosted in Memphis, TN on April 28, 2017. This isn’t a traditional conference! There are no keynote speakers or PowerPoints!


    Using the Open Space Technology (OST) approach, this event encourages agile practitioners to self-organize around topics that are most important to them. Attendees with common issues and interests share their experiences and learn from others. There is no preset agenda for the event; rather, sessions are created “live” by the participants at the start of the day. Click here for a short video on Open Space Technology


    Plan to spend a full day connecting with others who share your passion and are willing to take responsibility for what they believe in and care about around following a path to agility.


    In order to get the most out of this event, please come prepared with topics that are of interest to you, either to learn more about or to share your experiences.


    To learn More go to

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    Calendar of Events

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    PM Funnies


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    Job Postings

    Interested in a Career Change?

    More avenues to look for jobs related to Project Management.

    1. Check out the latest Jobs in Memphis Area

    2. PMI - Carreer HQ:  PMI Career Headquarters is the premier electronic recruitment resource for your industry. Here, employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool of Project Management Professionals to meet their staffing needs.



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