Driving DevOps Adoption with Telemetry

    DevOps is a cultural change designed to help software teams become more efficient by making them more self-sufficient. To change culture, we must change the behaviors of the teams. this is easier said than done. Luckily, the extensive automation of builds, tests, deployments, and monitoring afforded by DevOps pipelines provides the framework for measuring team behaviors in ways that were not practical even a few years ago.

    Are your teams exhibiting the kind of day-to-day behaviors that will make them more efficient in this new DevOps-enabled world? To find out, join Dan Petit, Director of DevOps for ServiceMaster, for a deep dive into driving DevOps adoption and cultural change through telemetry. He will present ways to measure and drive DevOps adoption at the team level by leveraging key behavior-driving metrics. Register to hear his May 9 presentation here.

    About Speaker:

    Dan Petit has been deep in the development world for most of his working life, serving as a developer, consultant, architect, and technical leader for a wide-variety of companies in the aerospace, telecommunications, insurance, hospitality, logistics, and service industries. Dan is the director of development operations at ServiceMaster, the leading provider of essential residential and commercial services. Dan and his team have been responsible for ServiceMaster’s DevOps practice and transformation, reducing cycle time of application changes from weeks to hours across dozens of agile development teams. He authored the book Real Visual Basic and numerous technical articles. Reach Dan at

    New Certification Prep Offerings

    PMI Memphis has enjoyed a partnership with Velociteach for years. They publish the fine Andy Crowe materials we use for our PMP/CAPM prep classes. Through offering these classes at least 3 times a year, we have developed a deep bench of talented volunteer instructors who help us offer our high-quality PMP/CAPM classes at a reasonable price point possible.

    We only have a few members in the Memphis area with their PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practioner) or PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) credentials so far, yet many of our members are faced with Agile or Risk elements in their work life daily. We are proud to partner with Velociteach to bring external trainers to help us offer bootcamps for PMI-ACP and PMI-RMP.

    Our PMI-ACP class is a 2-day course the covers not only the major components of scrum, but also other agile methodologies as well. It gives the student best practices in Agile concepts. While Velociteach has a 99% pass rate for this training, most people who work in Agile take on any training they can get. For someone who wants an introduction to Agile, this class is good as well. However, in order to apply for the exam, you will need to have 1500 hours on Agile teams in recent years. Go to this link to get the PMI-ACP handbook for more information about the qualifications for the exam.

    The PMI-RMP class is a 3-day course that covers best practices in managing operational and project risk. This training is not only beneficial for people who concentrate on risk as part of their job, but also for project managers who have to manage budget, schedule, scope, quality, or compliance risk tightly in their work place. Go to this link to get the PMI-RMP handbook to get the most current information on the exam qualifications.

    Professional Development Plans and Headshots

    In the March 2018 chapter meeting, attendees will be able to buy, at a very low cost, a professional headshot for use on LinkedIn profiles or CVs. Our speaker, Jasmin Nuhic, will share his expertise on creating and executing individual development plans (IDPs).

    Jasmin Nuhic

    March 21st Dinner Meeting
    Crescent Club, 6pm - 7:45pm


    On March 21st, PMI Memphis will host guest speaker Jasmin Nuhic who will speak on the topic of his most recent book: "It Starts and Ends with eIDP - Create your development plan; No one else should!"

    Topic Description:
    The presentation and talk will be based on research, education, experiences covered in recently published book on professional development. Details his presentation will include reason why people do not have professional developments, the 9 steps of creating and executing your individual development plan, and finally some of the pitfalls in execution of professional development plans. The event is intended to be interactive and will be followed by the book-signing by the author/speaker.

    About the speaker / author:
    Jasmin NUHIC is a people leader, passionate author, speaker, facilitator, and coach. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Science and holds two Master degrees in Business and Executive Leadership. He is certified in Coaching, Ethical Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Intelligence. He has global experience in leading and developing individuals and teams. Jasmin is interested in helping others reach their full potential and achieve their career objectives. Connect with Jasmin on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

     About MY eIDP:
    “We help individuals, teams and organizations create and execute their Executable Individual Development Plans, through which they can reach their full potential and career objectives. This inspires us and drives us in our path! Think about it, you can spend your dollars on anything from communication skills to management techniques or you can spend them on developing your employees – your greatest assets. Research shows that over 85% of employees (individual contributors and leaders / managers) to not know how do it. Our Executable Individual Development Plan coaching, workshops and keynotes can help you address your need of developing your greatest assets." Visit us on: Contact us: