Training and Education

    Professional development isn’t a one-time event. It’s on ongoing part of your project management career. The Memphis Chapter of PMI® is keenly aware of the importance and on-going need for continuing education....whether you already have your credential or you are just getting involved, we want to help. We do our part by:

    - Sponsoring and providing certification training / classes
    - Developing alliances and relationships with Memphis area colleges and universities.

    The sub-pages in the "Education" section of this site provide links to our PMP Class schedule and Registration page as well as some usefull links to PMI® Global's website.

    Developing awareness of the vast array of educational tools and resources provided by the PMI® Global organization is another way we will help you and the community understand the value that PMI® brings to us all. Below are a  few examples:

    Don’t just rest on your professional laurels—use PMI® 
    SeminarsWorld®to deepen your project management knowledge, learn additional tricks and techniques, or branch out into new subject areas. These two-to-four day courses feature skilled instructors, small classes and a range of relevant and timely topics.

    PMI® Global Congress
    PMI® global congresses are regional, professional development events that allows practitioners from all industries and geographies to learn, network, collaborate and celebrate. Connect with your peers and take your project management to the next level.

    REP Program
    If you hold a PMI® credential, you need realistic, accessible ways to maintain it. That’s where the PMI®-approved REPs, or Registered Education Providers, come in. Their training courses help you improve your knowledge base while earning you critical contact hours and PDUs.

    •   Learn more about the REP program
    •   Find an REP in your area.
    •   Become an REP